Cloud Sets You Free!

The first-ever Atlassian Remote Summit is over. More than 25,000 attendees tuned in from their homes to attend one of the most important tech events of the year. 

In the current COVID-19 situation, many enterprises are trying to overcome challenges and find new formats to keep their audience engaged. The Remote Summit was a great opportunity for all Atlassians to inform themselves about the latest product announcements from Atlassian and learn from the content filled keynotes and break-out-sessions. Many questions and ideas were raised, discussed, and answered in various chat rooms. 

During their opening keynote, Atlassian announced that they would charge no cost on every cloud product for teams of up to 10 users per product, which is great for teams looking to get started with the Atlassian products.

Atlassian Cloud Enterprise 

Cloud - a topic which Atlassian has emphasized for a long time, was the highlight of this year's summit. Many cloud features were released, providing the most advanced cloud offering for enterprises. 

Atlassian announced the Atlassian Cloud Enterprise for Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence. This new enterprise plan is only available in an early access program.

It includes all Cloud Premium features, meeting customer needs for securitycompliance, and administration at an enterprise scale. Different plans are available and vary from free to standard and premium. This latest announcement is a sensation and starts a new era.

Unlimited instances and up to 10k users per instance, centralized user billing, release tracks, sandbox, data residency & protection paired with Atlassian Access and an Integrated Ecosystem set sails for a new, exciting future. All backed by a 99.95% uptime SLA and priority 24/7 support with 30-minute response time for critical issues from a senior support team.

The announcements for enterprise plans also included IP Allow ListingAdmin Insights, and a Sandbox Test Environment. 

Jira Premium

Atlassian announced advanced automation for all Jira cloud customers. Now you can automate any process with only a few clicks, keeping Jira and third-party tools in sync.

"Automation for Jira", a newly acquired app, is now the global automation engine inside of Jira. The new automation feature helps to work smarter and spend less time on manual tasks - so users can focus on what really matters. 

Trash bins for projects and archiving allow project admins to remove or archive projects and issues when they aren't in use while ensuring that relevant information stays in the Jira instances and is recoverable if needed.

Advanced roadmaps add multiple roadmaps into a main or "master" roadmap for a better overview of projects. You can now breakdown epics and contexts into stories, see all the child issues, and visualize dependencies between different epics. 

Roadmaps for classic projects are coming soon.


A new and elevated home experience allows users to easily access recent work and find new information that can help with their work.

Improved search filters make it easier and more intuitive for users to find content.

On top of that, Atlassian announced 80 new templates for Confluence, helping users to begin their work and providing orientation for correct structure and layout.

Agile at Scale

Teams plan, execute, and measure their work across different countries and functions. 

Jira Software, Portfolio for Jira, and Jira Align got updates to better support Agile at Scale.

Jira Software (self-managed)

The creation of multiple sprints is now supported, allowing us to forecast work more accurately and helping with the coordination and alignment of collaborative work across teams. 

The new Jira Align connector contributes to seamless integration while cutting maintenance overhead.

Portfolio for Jira (self-managed)

Atlassian introduced two new elements to elevate project management. The Confluence Marco allows you to embed live views of your Portfolio plans directly in pages. No more re-sharing! 

Scoping made easy - the capacity management snapshot gives you valuable insights into your team's velocity and helps to make plans more predictable.

Jira Align

Do Trello and Jira Align sound like a good fit? Yes, Atlassian felt the same way and released a connector, visualizing the work done in Trello. For better control over your company's strategic objectives. 

Coming soon: OKRs and Artificial Intelligence. Improving ways to evaluate, navigate, and handle your data. Allowing smarter decisions for smart businesses.


New features were announced for Jira Service Desk, Data Center, and Opsgenie, pushing service quality to a new level.

Deeper integration and extended functionality for JSD and Opsgenie: Resolve incidents faster and unify ITSM; Monitoring and Alerting in one platform.

The AWS Service Catalog Connector allows users servicing and requesting of AWS products directly in JSD, fulfilling governance and compliance needs.

Display the language of the customer portal in the local setting of each user - so each customer or employee can have the same seamless and exceptional experience. Coming soon!


Integrated CI/CD support for Bitbucket makes it super easy to build and maintain a CI/CD pipeline. Get contextual feedback at every stage of the software development life-cycle and streamline your release process.

Improved branch configurations in Bamboo give developers more flexibility. Define and maintain branch configurations different from the master branch.

Revamped Pull Requests significantly improve performance by 50%. Syntax highlighting, content expansion, and comments can be made anywhere in the diff.

Filters can be added to the file tree, and reviewers have more flexibility to suggest changes.

Data Center

Clustering is now an optional feature, and all the data center enterprise features can be run on a single server.

User Management

Expansion of support for IDP Services like OpenID, OAuth 2.0, JIT, and SCIM.

Advanced Auditing

Advanced auditing provides enterprises the ability to help meet their corporate policies around information security and compliance. Track, log, and analyze the actions that are taking place in your instance.


We did it. The first Atlassian Remote Summit took place completely virtual.

Our team had quite some fun doing the preparations, hosting webinars, and engaging in interesting conversations. 

We missed strolling around the expo floor and chatting with our customers, partners, friends, and other Atlassians.

Despite that, having a rewind and pause button for the countless talks and lectures was a great experience.

On top, our expo team gave us only positive feedback about booth duty (since it could be done on the couch in comfy clothes ??)

We wish you the best in these difficult times and would love to meet you again next year at the Atlassian Summit 2021 in Las Vegas, April 20th to 22nd.