STAGIL is joining the TEAM UP FORUM 2020 hosted by K15t & Scandio on June 30th! The Virtual Atlassian Community Event that is all about New Work, the impact on the working world, and changes in team collaboration.

The developments in the past weeks underlined the importance of digitalized and decentralized work environments. A vast variety of new approaches and working methods are on everyone's mind and new opportunities come along with some challenges. This situation drove our decision to join forces and share our knowledge in this years Team UP Forum.

Learn why companies should continuously evolve and how teams can collaborate using Atlassian tools. You'll get practical tips on how to use these digital tools efficiently - in the office and when working from home. This year's virtual event brings together Atlassian Users, Administrators and Marketplace vendors while promoting exchange, collaboration and improvements.

Let's go a bit more into the details. We all notice digitalization in our everyday life, the products we buy, our society, and of course in our working environment. Team UP FORUM is a great opportunity to exchange with Atlassian Experts& Enthusiasts on how you can drive and exceed at digitalizing your company.

Learn how to improve your daily work processes, set up a virtual office, provide exceptional support and the importance of documentation. Exchange ideas and best practices about Jira and Confluence with users, experts and developers to make the most out of your tools. Setting sails for the future is always challenging and sometimes it good to know that there's someone with you that already took the route!

Various companies will be joining the event to share how Atlassian tools are used in their company, what experiences they made and how their productivity and collaboration improved. You will quickly notice that great ideas and changes come rather in many small steps than one big leap. Rome wasn't built in one day - but like your Atlassian journey, it is a success story.

We will share our knowledge and best practices around STAGIL Assets, our tool that makes disparate tools for different process obsolete. STAGIL Assets for Jira upgrades you Jira system to an enterprise asset tracker, object manager and resource planner for your business, service and development teams. You can cover – but are surely not limited to – following enterprise elements:

  • Assets and inventory management,
  • Configuration items (CIs) of your Configuration Management Database (CMDB for your ITSM),
  • Leads, contacts and organizations of your Customer Relationship Management,
  • Employees, work contracts and overtime tracking (in connection with Tempo Timesheets) of your Human Resources department,
  • Projects, programs, portfolios and milestones of your Project and Portfolio Management,
  • Products, modules, versions and releases of your Product Management,
  • Processes, audits, findings and measures of your Corporate Audits
  • and many more.

How could you integrate all of those functionalities directly into Jira, without the need for separate tools? Learn more about our solution within a pre-recorded video that will be hosted on the event page. You wanna know more about STAGIL Assets, have further questions or exchange want to experiences? Reach out to our colleague Gianluca Federico in our dedicated Zoom break out sessions:

  • Breakout 1 from 10:30 - 12:00
  • Breakout 2 from 14:00 - 15:30

If you have any questions regarding the event or after the event - we love hearing from you! 

Here a brief overview of the TEAM UP FORUM Agenda:

09:00 am - Welcome

09:05 am - Keynote: Agilität hilft uns in einer komplexen Welt zu überleben

09:25 am - Talk: Funktioniert verteiltes Arbeiten? Und wenn ja, wie

09:45 am - Talk: Wie gute Dokumentation gute Teams noch erfolgreicher macht

10:05 am - Talk: The Art of Self-Management: If cars can drive themselves, why not teams

10:30 am - Find Solutions: Apps for every Team: Meet Atlassian Marketplace app vendors (Breakout 1) 

12:15 pm - Talk: Atlassian Migration in die Cloud

12:45 pm - Talk: Prozessdokumentation in Confluence – Bosch zeigt wie es geht

02:00 pm - Find Solutions: Apps for every Team: Meet Atlassian Marketplace app vendors (Breakout 2)

03:45 pm - Talk: Guter Kundenservice kennt keine Zeitzonen!

04:15 pm - Talk: Corporate Intranet based on Confluence

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