Confluence is your team workspace where collaboration happens!

Confluence Cloud lets you and your team work from anywhere in the world while breaking up silos and turning your efforts into reusable and visible assets. Effortless collaboration among team members combined with powerful options to manage spaces, edit documents, and work simultaneously make it the perfect tool for any enterprise.

Atlassian puts great efforts into improving the interface and user experience of Confluence Cloud, releasing new useful features to make team collaboration even easier and aligned.

What you can do with Confluence Cloud:

(tick) Set up your workspace to your liking, with the most important pages and relevant information for you and your team.

(tick) Create fully customized pages with powerful macros.

(tick) Quickly find the information you need with an intuitive search engine.

(tick) Drag and drop to organize pages.

Siloed information is a problem for any company, slows the progress of all projects, and makes it very changeling to reach set goals. Confluence has an improved user interface and editing features to help teams create, store, and archive information in an easy but at the same time powerful way - so everyone can be literally on the same page.

New features:

Floating menu:

Add anything to the page without having to search through the toolbar. With the new floating menu, all information happens in context.

The slash key:

The / opens a "quick actions" menu in Confluence Cloud. Select between actions, elements, emojis, status, tables, dates & more by only typing /. Useful, isn't it? This new feature provides a more intuitive user experience.


Not only can you mention your teammates but even reach out to whole teams. If you want to strengthen the collaboration even more, you can create teams directly in Confluence.

Let's say we are in a meeting, and I would like to have the marketing team notified of my meeting notes. Instead of tagging all 20 team members one by one, you can tag the "Team Marketing”, and the whole team will be added to the meeting notes. Take communication and collaboration with your collages to a new level, save time, and even create teams directly in your meeting notes.


Confluence Cloud got an improved emoji list, giving you a whole bunch of new emojis to add some fun to your pages.


Macros become fully interactive and can be previewed directly in edit mode without going back and forth on a page to check its look. Avoid iterations and streamline your work by having them directly visible on your page.


Improved mobile experience by using the same editor as for Jira comments. Improved UI, better readability, emojis, and new platform components. The new Confluence mobile view is great and gives you your notes right at your fingertips at any time.


New projects are always challenging - don't let the layout hold you back while creating related pages. Inconsistencies, lack of information, and prioritization of wrong content hinder your team efforts.

Atlassian addressed these pain points by creating beautiful and responsive templates that guide you through the process of creating different documents - regardless of analysis, marketing campaigns, problem-solving articles, design sprints, and more.

Integration with Google and Microsoft:

Check the newly implemented Google Drive integration macro. Simply copy the URL of your Google Drive document onto a page, and it will automatically embed all data on your Confluence document. The same functionality is available for Microsoft Documents.


Automatically generate Trello cards on your Confluence page by simply copying the URL of your Trello card onto your Confluence page. Keeping your team informed while unleashing the combined power of Trello and Confluence.

We hope that our quick overview of the latest improvements gave you some useful insights and help to get started with Confluence Cloud. If you liked this blog post and would like to see more of these, let us know on our social media channels.

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