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Deliver quality code by integrating testing tools directly into your Jira Software

Software projects today are more complex than ever before. With teams spanning the globe  working on the same program test methods are changing rapidly. A culture of quality in all parts of the organization is essential for success. Bringing testing capabilities within Jira helps tightly integrate product management, development, and testing to streamline efficiency and productivity.

Zephyr for Jira - Test Management

Zephyr for Jira provides a full featured and sophisticated test management solution – all inside Jira

Test Management for Jira

The #1 rated QA & Test Management app for Jira. Full requirements traceability for smarter, faster QA and Testing inside Jira

QMetry for Jira - Test Management

Simple, Intuitive Test Management Inside Jira. Full Support for Automation & Exploratory Testing

T4J - Test Management for Jira

Integrated Test Mangement


Powerful add-on to Zephyr for Jira allows access to its testing data programmatically via RESTful APIs

Xray - Test Management for Jira

#1 Manual & Automated Test Management App for QA in Jira.

Use cases

Some use cases for test management tools for JIRA include the ability to:

Link requirements and test cases directly to Jira issues

Manage testing from end-to-end by tracking requirements and test cycles

Track critical bugs and manage tests from one single interface

Automate Jira tickets with bug reporting or service desk tools

Why testing and QA are essential to agile software development

Testing in an agile software development environment is an essential part of delivering requirements that provide a good experience for the end user while maintaining velocity. By integrating QA tracking, testing, and analysis into each iteration or phase of the agile software development process, teams can move faster, identify blockers with more accuracy, and release updates more efficiently and effectively.

Testmanagement mit Atlassian Jira Software und Confluence

Machen Sie mehr aus Ihrer Investition und schaffen Sie veraltete Prozesse ab: Jira Software kann Ihr Test Case Management modernisieren und eine neue Qualität für Ihre Produkte unterstützen.

For your employees
  • My processes, templates, and forms in direct access
  • For my work relevant changes immediately in focus
  • Share experiences, improve improvements
  • Processes
  • Contact person
For QM officers
  • Transparency on audits, deadlines, measures and process conditions
  • Working from one hand with the process teams
For process owners and process teams
  • All measures and process stages in a quick overview
  • Coordinate and structure the activities of the team agil
  • Evaluate and process feedback



Use JIRA software and Confluence for your processes:

  • Living processes : Through an active participation of all employees in the improvement of the processes you reach a real continuous improvement process - based on the experiences of the daily work.
  • Active knowledge management : After the process definition is not yet final. The wiki approach offers employees a variety of ways to document knowledge during workdays and to allow their QMS to merge with the knowledge management of the company.
  • Attractive design process : The clear display of the processes using process graphics and the intelligent classification of content let their employees find important information faster.
  • Audit : Whether standard assignment or audit preparation - Use our solution as a central control element.
  • Document management: By using workflows it is always possible to see whether a process has been released or is still being processed.
  • Risk management and key figures : For easy viewing of process risks and key figures of our default templates provide a quick start.

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