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STAGIL Whitepaper - Leading Remote Teams

The benefits of moving to remote working are far more diverse than the current response to a global pandemic. It's about the chance to say goodbye to outdated working methods, control mechanisms and open-plan offices - and define the foundation for the future of collaboration - where self-organization, freedom and trust are the governing norms.

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The Complete guide to Atlassian for ITSM

This guide covers the basics of everything you need to know about ITSM with Atlassian – across IT delivery, operations, and support. Learn best practices to improve your team’s performance

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Scaling On-Call in a DevOps Organization

With the rise of “always on” services and customer expectations, urgent response to IT problems has become highly critical for all kinds of organizations. Learn On-call Schedule Patterns for Growing Companies.

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Incident Management a getting started guide

IT incidents can cost between $2,300 to $9,000 per minute depending on your company’s size and industry. With that said, incidents and downtime are as inevitable as the common cold.

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Scaled agile frameworks in a nutshell

Overwhelmed with the frameworks out there that claim to be the best for scaling agile? Learn the history and benefits of various transformation frameworks for scaling agility.

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Atlassian Survey 2020 - DevOps Trends

Atlassian, in partnership with CITE Research, surveyed 500 professionals about their success with DevOps, the barriers they faced, and the impact of tools and culture on their work.

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Tips to make a lean, mean ITSM machine

The ITSM mindset is shifting. In response, IT teams are switching to leaner, more agile approaches that value ease of use, collaboration, and knowledge sharing over complex, inflexible workflows.

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