Gliffy Diagrams

Gliffy Diagrams for Confluence

Diagrams Made Easy – Gliffy for Confluence Improves Your Team’s Ability to Communicate and Collaborate

Tempo Timesheets

Tempo Timesheets for Jira

Painless time tracking, powerful reports, better overview of work spent for billing and payroll, and account management for Jira


Zephyr - Test Management for Jira

Zephyr for Jira provides a full featured and sophisticated test management solution – all inside Jira


ScriptRunner for Jira

Enhance and automate Jira workflows, JQL functions, custom fields, listeners and more using Groovy


Structure - The Issue Organizer

Enterprise-level Jira issue organization with multi-level, cross-project issue hierarchies Diagrams for Confluence

Powerful, easy to use and secure diagramming. #1 rated Confluence add-on since 2013

Jira Misc Workflow

Jira Misc Workflow Extensions

Workflow extensions that you can use to implement sophisticated workflows in Jira Server and Jira Cloud

Comala Workflows

Comala Workflows

Take control of your Confluence pages with simple or complex reviews, tasks and approvals processes

Tempo Planner

Tempo Planner for Jira

Tempo Planner offers visualized resource management for team and project planning seamlessly in Jira

Refined Theme

Refined Theme for Confluence

Enhance your Confluence experience


Xray - Test Management for Jira

Manual & Automated Test Management inside Jira - The Favourite Add-on for QA Teams

eazyBI Reports

eazyBI Reports and Charts for Jira

Create easy to use custom Jira reports, charts and dashboard gadgets



Project Portfolio Management (PPM) with agile practices at enterprise scale

Scroll Office

Scroll Office

Marry Confluence and Word – happily. Use Confluence for collaboration and authoring, and Microsoft Word to style your documents


Insight - Asset Management for Jira

Enterprise Asset Management - Great Visualization & Automation - Powerful Integrations and Open API’s #CMDB,CRM,HR,ITSM,ITIL

Configuration Manager

Configuration Manager for Jira

Automated migration of project configuration with deep change and impact analysis. The Enterprise Standart tool for these tasks

Git Integration

Git Integration for Jira

View Git Commits, Branches, Tags in Jira. All git servers including GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, TFS & VS Team Services supported


nFeed - external data in custom fields

Query data from SQL, Active Directory, LDAP, Salesforce, Google Drive, REST APIs. Display up to date result in Jira custom fields

Scroll Versions

Scroll Versions

Query data from SQL, Active Directory, LDAP, Salesforce, Google Drive, REST APIs. Display up to date result in Jira custom fields

Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq Mockups for Confluence Server

Life's too short for bad software! Add mockups and wireframes to your Confluence pages and design delightful interfaces

Gliffy Diagrams

Gliffy Diagrams for Jira

Diagrams Made Easy - Gliffy for Jira Makes Your Issues Easier to Explain, and Faster to Resolve

Table Filter and Charts

Table Filter and Charts for Confluence

Filter tables with great flexibility and generate powerful pivot tables or infographics charts from source table data on the fly

Brikit Theme Press

Brikit Theme Press for Confluence

Transforms Confluence to create inviting employee intranets and knowledge bases to engage your teams wherever they are

Arsenale Lockpoint

Arsenale Lockpoint - Attachment Checkout

Lock and unlock Confluence attachments for exclusive editing and controlled change management