You don't want to adopt Atlassian solutions yourself?

Don't worry: We help you install and configure the products and ensure a smooth migration from old systems.

Getting Started

You do not want to take over the creation of Atlassian solutions yourself?

We help to select the right products and functional modules, license models and the right operating environment.


You already use Atlassian solutions and want to take the next step?

Talk to our experienced consultants who analyze potential and agree with an optimization plan.


You would like to connect Jira, Confluence or the development tools with other systems?

The open architecture of the Atlassian products and many existing extensions help to get more out of your applications.We also create individual integrations covering specific needs with our own developments .

Project and Space Structures

Let's start with the basics! All Jira projects are a collection of issues. Your team can use a Jira project to coordinate the development of a product,rack a project or manage a help desk - the options are only limited by own requirements. We help you configure and customize every Jira project to suit theneeds of your team and to any use-case.

Jira goes greatly along with Confluence, a long-lasting collective knowledge base that helps teams organize, discuss, and get their work doneEverything related to your projects and your team is working on - meeting notes and customer requests, project plans and timelines, technical documentation and more - is located in a Confluence space. We assist you in setting up a functional space structure that is tilt-proof for any challenge that lies ahead of you!


Every task begins with a Jira workflow. It is a defined array of statuses and transitions that typically depict a process within your organization and all issue move through one during its lifecycle.  It's crucial for the success of your business as well for adaptation throughout your team that your workflows are clearly defined and not overly complicated. We simply sit together, analyse your work processes, approval structures and daily routines - and design and configure the workflows for you. All configured workflows can be reused in all of your projects, making them valuable and reusable assets.


A Screen is a defined collection of fields that are shown when an issue is created, edited or viewed in JIRA. You can control the information included in your Issue, depending on what type of Issue is created or edited. Your support team needs different information on the ticket than your development team. We at STAGIL consider it a best practice to create three copies of each Screen for each Issue type: One for creating the Issue, one for editing and one for viewing. We would love to assist you in providing your team with the best screens for any task!


Atlassian products control what users can do and see with applications through defined permissions. You can choose between plenty of permissions - ranging from which users can create new projects to who can transition certain issues or see specific types of comments. Each user can have different permissions in multiple projects. The best approach to permissions is to grant them based on project roles since those can be administrated locally by project administrator rather than managed globally. Sounds complicated? It's not! It's all about having a clean and structured start and set-up to avoid later complications. We configure the permissions for all of your applications like Jira, Confluence and Jira Service Management - to ensure that the right people see the right things.


Keep in touch with all progress! It doesn't matter if an off-site event or on the road, you get email notifications on all significant events.

We can configure notifications based on roles, groups, or email addresses and even JQL queries. Automatically inform customers about important changes to their requests and customize outgoing messages with templates. Choose colours, adapt the email message as well as the footer to your needs and include your company logo. The best - your customers can simply answer to all notifications without leaving their favourite mailing tool - since answers are processed by an email handler and automatically attached to the connected Jira issue.

Automation & Scripts

Automation allows you to focus on the work that really matters while removing the need to perform manual, repetitive tasks by automating your daily processes and workflows. We help you configure powerful automations to handle even the most complex scenarios or write custom scripts that cover any use - case needed.  


Templates are the project managers best companions by saving time and ensuring that standards are met globally. Configuring each Jira project from scratch makes the individual configuration complicated. The more efficient approach is to copy an already working structure and to adjust it to the use-case. Cut your teams' adoption time on new projects and unburden your administrators, since all projects created with a shared configuration use the same schemes and structure. For example, a field is not needed anymore in financial processes - instead of having to manually change it in all finance projects you simply change the scheme of the project template. The change is then applied globally.

User Interface and Navigation

The user interface is the backbone of all your teams' efforts. It has to be intuitive and not overloaded while still providing quick access to all areas of daily work life. We are glad to share our experience from working with clients of different industries and sizes to develop a user interface that unlocks your teams full potential. Say goodbye to static navigation with STAGIL Navigation! It's possible to hide menus, configure cascading menus, create entirely new ones, and even define visibility based on user permissions. Align the appearance of your Jira and Confluence to your corporate identity with the customizable header and footer. Ease daily work and increase efficiency by providing the same navigation bar in Jira and Confluence.

Many use cases

Are you already using the Atlassian Suite for your business? Not sure if you are using the full potential of your tools? No worries, check all our solutions offerings here. Atlassian products can serve in any use-case like Requirement Management, Time Tracking, Intranet and Theme and Virtual Office, to name a few options.

Something's on your mind but not listed here? Browse the other sections of our webpage to gain more insights or leave us a message we will gladly come back to you!


We connect for you the systems that need to work with your Atlassian products with the latest methods and technologies. The open architecture of the Atlassian products and many existing extensions help to get more out of your applications. Use the powerful REST API of all Atlassian products at your advantage and synchronize with other tools like Zendesk, Netsuite or Service Now with our STAGIL Database Connector for Jira. Your solution is out of the ordinary?? No worries, we also develop custom apps that fit any use case - talk to us.

Servers, Virtual Machines, OS, Database, Webserver, Firewalls

Your complete ecosystem - managed by us. We help with the right setup for a perfect start and remotely maintain your servers, virtual machines, databases and more. Or leave it all to us by becoming part of STAGIL Managed Cloud! SaaS at it's best - no more need for on-site hardware or specialised technicians to keep your systems running. We take care of literally every aspect related to your Atlassian products! Focus on projects that drive your business and profit from reduced infrastructure costs and increased reliability. Any questions, systems are running slow or are fully offline? Connect with our specialists and get help immediately.


The essence of IT Monitoring? Ensure that your IT landscape is available and performing as expected and required to maintain your business. Critical work like customer support tickets, product-related tasks during a sprint, or any other essential activities – underline the importance of constantly measuring the performance of the systems that enable you to work. We help uncover issues such as the impact of an app update on your machine’s performance or how memory and bandwidth limitations slow down your throughput. We keep an eye on your licenses and on the frequent updates from the vendors to ensure that you always work with the best tools available.

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