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Object management & limitations of linking in Jira standard

Standard Linking

Limitation of standard linking in Jira

(error)Options to restrict available link types.

(error) Option to restrict selectable issues for linking.

(error) Option to restrict the numbers of selectable links.

(error) Option to adjust the display style of links.

(error) Option to create an advanced dynamic logic between linked objects.

(error) Option to perform advanced searched through the link network.

(error) Option to visualize the link network and the link hierarchy

How to enhance Jira links with relations

Relations define the linking conditions

(tick) Manage links in Asset Relation Fields with advanced logic for the links (e.g. display style, attributes, JQL, quantity & dynamic)

(tick) Display links in hierarchy or networks graph to get insights into your objects and their relations.

(tick) Navigate through the asset hierarchy using the native Jira based Asset Navigator.

(tick) Use the advanced Asset JQL in search and filter.

(tick) Manage avatars and QR codes

Why is linking in Jira connected to assets?


Hardware CMDB

ITSM/ITIL/ITAM IT Asset & Inventory Management

Control all company hardware like servers, production machines, computers, telephones. printers, facilities and more with maintenance, updates, repairs, and replacements.

Software CMDB

Software CMDB ITSM/ITIL?Configuration Management - Software & Licenses

Visualize products. modules, versions. licenses, and releases - manage their dependencies in a structured workflow.


Customer Relationship Management

Manage customers and partners including their contacts - optimize the lead processes. organize account management and gain market insights.


Human Resource Management

Organize employees and their contracts including hierarchies, salarie, vacation and overtime - integrate with Tempo Timesheets.


Project Management

Track projects, portfolios, and milestones with advanced data and reports such as timeline and budget traffic lights - integrate with BigPicture. Structure or Jira Portfolio.


Risk, Governance, Compliance, Audit and Process Management

Document your company's processes - organize audits, identify risks, findings and track measures and compliance.



List your company's warehouse, manage ceposits. withdrawals and replacements and track stock volume.

Benefits of advanced linking in Jira

(tick) Increased control over issues

(tick) Increased efficiency in project management and development

(tick) Better communication and understanding between IT and other business units

(tick) Better customer service through streamlined data availability

(tick) Cost reduction of assets through consistent reviews

(tick) Increased support for security and disaster recovery readiness

(tick) Improved budgeting and other strategic decision-making processes

(tick) Transparency and vision over all assets

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