Streamline your reporting experience with curated and precise updates

With the new Team Central say goodbye to outdated status spreadsheets and hello to real-time progress in one organized feed. Every team member has access to real-time progress, updates, potential problems, and priorities, all presented in a user-friendly easy to read feed.

Team Central is here to take the static out of status reporting.


Power up your updates with easy-to-add images and videos, keep things short and accurate with character limits for brief uncomplicated updates.


Choose which projects to follow with one click, receive only the information you need.


Team Central reminds project owners to share end-of-week reflections and updates to followers inbox every Monday to keep everyone on the same page.


Organize your work with labels to avoid repetitive work, create and follow hashtags to visualize updates from any perspective: department, quarter, company initiative or anything.

A feed for every project

Team Central is a single source-of-truth for your projects give followers the context they need in an easily digestible format.

Project history

Keep a project overview, see what changes you did through every step of the project.


Follow your favourite writers and let them know how is reading their updates.

Target date

Set realistic dates and increase your team's confidence level.


See who is working on each project, anytime.


Set and highlight the outcome of each project result.

Linked projects

Make managing dependencies a priority for every project owner.

Automated reminders

Prompt project owners to share and notify stakeholders to react in just one click

Embed media

Catch your readers attention with video updates, presentations, and easy media uploads

Org-wide format

Align your team's frequent foundational project questions.

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