Enterprise Object Management

STAGIL Assets leverages the native linking features between issues in Jira and enhances these by adding a logic on both sides of the links to create relations and hierarchies between issues. When using these issues to represent different kinds of assets / objects, you can create your whole entity relationship model within Jira!

You will gain traceability for your IT Service Management (ITSM), Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and many more.

Relation Insights

Link native Jira objects and visualize the network using native links, attributes, and filters

Relation Insights

Link native Jira objects and visualize the network using native links, attributes, and filters

Relation Insights

Link native Jira objects and visualize the network using native links, attributes, and filters

More details

STAGIL Assets for Jira upgrades you Jira system to an enterprise asset tracker, object manager and resource planner for your business, service and development teams. You can cover – but are surely not limited to – following enterprise elements:

  • Assets and inventory management,
  • Configuration items (CIs) of your Configuration Management Database (CMDB for your ITSM),
  • Leads, contacts and organizations of your Customer Relationship Management,
  • Employees, work contracts and overtime tracking (in connection with Tempo Timesheets) of your Human Resources department,
  • Projects, programs, portfolios and milestones of your Project and Portfolio Management,
  • Products, modules, versions and releases of your Product Management,
  • Processes, audits, findings and measures of your Corporate Audits
  • and many more.

The add-on comes with following features:

  • Manage the issues links in Asset Relation Fields with an advanced logic for the links, like different display styles, custom attributes, JQL-defined selections, restricted link quantities, dynamic links and more.
  • Display linked objects in a hierarchy or network graph to get an overview and deeper insights into your objects and their relations.
  • Create your own panels for the issue view screen to show your object information where it is most convenient for your users.
  • Navigate through the asset network using the asset navigator, which is based on the native Jira issue navigator.
  • Use additional JQL functions in your issue search and filters.
  • Add images to objects in the form of avatars.
  • Create QR codes for your physical assets and print them to easily scan your objects on site.
  • The add-on uses Jira’s native import and export functionalities for custom fields, so you don’t have to worry about bulk imports when adding new objects.
  • As only native Jira functionalities are used, you can simply integrate your asset management with 3rd party applications through the open REST API.
  • Using the STAGIL Database Sync, you can also connect your current IT network discovery tool to your assets within Jira.
  • 1-click setups are available to get you going in no time. Simply choose a project name and key. The setup will take care of the rest and create all the needed issue types, workflows, custom fields, screens etc.
  • Asset synchronizers give you the ability to manage Jira objects that usually have only a few options to manage them, like Jira projects, product versions and product releases.
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