Multiple Data Sets Management

STAGIL Tables for Jira gives you the ability to track different sets of data within your Jira issues in an easily configurable table. The table is a new type of custom field and lets you track data sets or simple sub-tasks of an issue without the need of creating countless Jira sub-tasks with way too many information and functions. Keep it simple, just add another row to your table and assign it to a Jira user.

Enrich your Jira issues with tablesEnrich your Jira issues with organized data sets

STAGIL Tables for Jira enables you to manage additional data sets directly within your Jira issues. The data is nicely organized in a table and can easily be edited on the issue view screen.

Easy configuration of your custom tableEasy configuration for your customized issue table

The table configuration is designed to give you a very convenient way for defining the behavior of your table, adding different types of columns and many more features.

Add the table like any other custom fieldManage your tables like any other custom field

Simply create a new table custom field and add it to your issue screens. Including it in schemes and configuring the custom field works the same way like for standard custom fields.

More details

STAGIL Tables for Jira enables you to manage several data sets in Jira table custom fields.

Enhance your Jira issues with additional information that is best to be displayed in the form of a table. There are many use cases where the standard custom fields in Jira do not fit the data that you need to add to your issues. These could be e.g. small tasks that are related to the issue or multi-dimensional data. With STAGIL Tables you don’t have to use excel sheets anymore, which have no relation to the issue and always have to be opened separately. You can also avoid creating countless sub-tasks where each sub-task would only hold little information. Simply add the information or tasks to the table.

There are endless use cases where a table is the better fit. Are you managing your customers, contracts and offers in Jira? Manage the offer or contract items in a table for an easy overview right within your offer issue, including all information like discounts, quantities, part numbers etc. Are you managing and planning events in Jira? Keep track of all the invitations and assign colleagues to follow-up each invitation right within the table in the event ticket. Do you have a Jira service desk for your end users? Create questions that every agent has to ask when answering a help desk call.

The app comes with following table features:

  • New table custom field type to create multiple tables in one issue or for different issue types.
  • You can choose different column types like text field, user picker, single select list, multi select list and more.
  • Add a sum row below number columns.
  • New JQL function to search for specific table values.
  • Make columns mandatory.
  • Bulk import of table data.
  • Export your table data to CSV directly from the table.
  • … and many more to come!

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Enhance your Jira issues with additional data sets

STAGIL Tables for Jira lets you manage additional data sets within your Jira issues without creating countless sub-tasks. The data is organized in a custom table and can easily be edited directly on the issue view screen. The app also provides a new JQL function, so you can search for table content in the issue navigator. For faster creation of data sets from external sources, you can import data into your table and also export your data to CSV files. This way, you only have to create sub-tasks, when you really need them. Otherwise, see your data where you need it - in your issue.

Easy configuration of your table 

The table custom field configuration gives you a convenient way of defining the behavior of your table. You can add different types of columns, which include text fields, number fields, single and multiple select lists and Jira user pickers. The app lets you also use wiki mark-up in the text fields, define mandatory columns, add automatic sum rows for number columns and more.

Manage your tables the way you are used to

Simply create a new custom field of the type "STAGIL Table Field". Add it to your desired issue screens, include it in your schemes and configure the custom field the same way standard custom fields are configured.

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