Enterprise Teams

We unleash your team's potential with Jira, Confluence and the full Atlassian tool stack.

We are an all Atlassian company focused on empowering your business with the tools to support its growth.

We deliver a complete turn-key experience, taking care of every aspect so you can focus on what truly matters for your business.

And thoroughly support your enterprise's digital transformation around #Atlassian products.

Stakeholder & Requirement Management

We assist you with a SPOC – your personal coordinator for central management of all stakeholders and ongoing requirement harmonization.

Culture Change Consulting

We analyze your existing work culture, elaborate the differences to the desired target culture with delta analysis and define your change roadmap.

Scaled Agile Consulting

Collaboration and delivery across large numbers of teams! We set up your standardized scaled agile development pipeline with SAFe or Nexus framework.

Custom developments

Great idea or individual necessity? We develop custom apps for any business and requirement. Make it all yours - with our optional code ownership.


Business Enterprise Services

We offer a wide spectrum of business services to our Enterprise Clients ranging from strategic consulting to corporate identity and taking over the management of complete projects.

More related services:

Corporate Design & Localization:

Alignment of Confluence and Jira to corporate design/Content optimization for local offices.

Industry-Specific Project Management:

Project processing with market and industry-standard approaches like Prince 2, PMI, ISO 26262, ASPICE.

Video Training & Train The Trainer

Scaled training with corporate video training and train the trainer concepts.

Identity & Access Management

We help you with the central and compliant management of users, groups, and permissions with standardized change processes.

Audit Support & Compliance

We ensure that your Atlassian products comply with internal policies. Our specialists can actively support you in enterprise audits.

Privacy & GDPR

Stay safe! We create custom mechanisms, such as automated user anonymization, to assure GDPR compliance and coverage of your privacy needs.

Custom Insurances

Minimize the risks! We offer project-specific insurances that fit your company and the project requirements.


Legal enterprise services

In a fast-moving world, it is important to have a legal partner who understands all aspects of your business and aligns the regulatory, economic, and internal requirements regarding your Atlassian products.

More related services:

Staff Council Consulting:

Information material, workshops and configurations to increase acceptance of staff councils.

Terms Of Use:

Custom terms of use and user acceptance tracking.

Fixed Scope Contracts:

Service contracts with fixed scope &price for increased customer project security.


Operations Enterprise Services

We maintain and standardize all your IT services and the connected, underlying infrastructure. We monitor your systems, oversee routine tasks and ensure critical issues are automatically routed and solved quickly.

Multi-Language Prime Support

Always there for you with individual SLAs for quick response time. Get support via our phone hotline and multi-language ticket system (DE/EN/I/F/ES).

Admin Coaching

Sharing is caring! We train your internal administrators on the job to boost their performance in daily work. Onsite or Remote – your choice.

Usage Tracking

Make your efforts visible! Track application usage for management reporting, including page visits, page count and ticket count.

Service Monitoring

Ensure your IT landscape is available and performing! We set up the monitoring mechanisms for optimized services time.

More related services:

Staff Council Consulting:

Information material, workshops and configurations to increase acceptance of staff councils.

Administration Standardization:

Standardized nomenclature for configurations / standardized changes processes.

Administration Automation:

Automation and templating of frequent administrative tasks e.g. project creation.

Platform & IT landscape consulting

We connect the Atlassian tools with your existing IT landscape for seamless integration and evaluate possible cloud strategies.

High availability

It is up, and it keeps running! We implement a zero-downtime environment on the process, application, database, and system level.


We build the bridge - with the staging of configurations over multiple levels such as development, integration, test, and production.

Managed AWS Enterprise Hosting

You Atlassian Stack in good hands – with our secure and all-inclusive application hosting. Options for VPN and Data Center available.


Technical Enterprise Services

Get the most out of your Atlassian products with our Data Center Options! We help you make your enterprise solutions connective, highly available and scalable - or even fully manage your Atlassian stack.

More related services:

Performance Optimization:

Performance analysis, bottleneck identification and optimization.


Security assessments and advanced security mechanisms on app, web-server and firewall layer.

Provisioning & Backup:

Setup of automated application management based on Ansible and Docker.


Integration Enterprise Services

No more siloed information and fragmented processes! Our services make sure all of your tools interconnected to unlock the full power of all products used in your daily business operations.

ERP Integrations

We unify your systems for maximum control! Full integration with existing ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle Netsuite and Microsoft Dynamics.

CRM Integrations

Lead management and customer communication in one place! We connect your Jira with existing systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SugarCRM.

Database Integrations

Keep your data synced, display data sets from existing databases in any Atlassian application and even build advance workflow logics.


Migrate your success story! We offer migrations from any data source to any Atlassian App and vice versa via CSV, SQL, XML or REST API.

More related services:

User Directory Integrations:

Connection to LDAP/AD directories for centralized user, group and user property management.

File System Integrations:

Integration with existing corporate file drives.

Custom Integrations & Developments:

Integration with any application or service with custom apps, webhooks and REST API.

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